Thyssenkrupp – Corporate Design

Designing a corporate identity for the global brand relaunch of industrial group thyssenkrupp.

After their merger, the Thyssen and Krupp companies struggled to thoroughly knit together as a single unit. They have only achieved that now with the brand’s repositioning. Building on that foundation, the visionary corporate design is a visual representation of that new-found unity. The two traditional emblems (the Krupp rings and Thyssen arch) are fused to form an innovative logo. With this brand mark as a focal point, thyssenkrupp has succeeded in reshaping its image from a traditional steel company to a forward-looking, diversified industrial group.


2016 Business-to-Business Communications Award (bronze)
2016 German Corporate Design Award (3x)
2016 European Design Award (bronze)
2016 Red Dot Design Award (3x)

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