Kunsthalle Mannheim – Opening Campaign

Developing a key visual and a communications concept for the opening of Mannheim Kunsthalle art museum’s new building.

Mannheim Kunsthalle museum of modern and contemporary art sees itself as an open and democratic institution that seeks to create a fluid transition between the urban environment and the world of art. The central creative theme behind the campaign translates this architectural aspiration into design. This is why the term OPEN was selected for the key visual and as the core conduit for an overarching communications concept. What’s more, the various materials incorporated into the art museum’s new building are reflected in the typography’s colors. Thanks to their modular composition, the letters are both bold and versatile. Positioned at all points of sale, the key visual makes it crystal clear to everyone that Kunsthalle Mannheim art museum is OPEN.

2018 Red Dot Design Award

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S - 700px
M - 1000px
L - 1300px
XL - 1600px