Youth Against AIDS – FAQ YOU

Sex education book for the NGO Youth against AIDS that answers the questions young people most often ask.

The organization wanted a contemporary sex ed book to use for their workshops in schools. To make it more accessible to the youth, young celebrities created the content with the exception of questions requiring scientific or specialist knowledge. Those were answered by doctors and other experts. FAQ YOU is bold and modern without trying too hard to be hip in its language or aesthetics. Instead, photos and illustrations reflect a varied and authentic visual idiom. Helpful elements—such as underlining and highlighted info boxes, which are familiar features of textbooks and school books—further structure the articles. Tiempos, an updated version of fonts frequently used for lexicons in the past, was selected for the body copy.


2019/2020 Mercury Excellence Award (silver)
2020 Art Directors Club Germany (award, silver, gold)
2020 Art Directors Club Germany Junior (bronze)
2020 Astrid Award for Design Communication (2 x bronze, gold)
2020 Best Of Content Marketing (2 x gold)
2020 German Brand Awards (award)
2020 Red Dot Design Award (3)

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