The Audi Magazine – Spring 2019

Spring issue dedicated to the overarching theme of “change.” The issue featured portraits of people and places that epitomize progress and initiate new directions in society at an international level.

Among those driving change in Milan, which is in the process of reinventing itself as a smart city, are the globally connected Venturini twins and their start-up. On an artificial island in Tokyo, the works on show at the Digital Art Museum interact with visitors. With a view to programming voice assistants, experts are optimizing communication between man and machine. Viennese musician Mavi Phoenix is pushing back the frontiers of rap, while chef Rodolfo Guzmán reinterprets indigenous cuisine in Santiago de Chile. Criss-crossing the planet, loved’s writers and photographers visited changemakers to document their views on change as well as their futuristic outlooks in 2019.

2020 Red Dot Design Award
2020 Best Of Content Marketing (silver, gold)
2020 Art Directors Club (bronze)
2020 Mercury Excellence Award (bronze, silver)
2020 Astrid Award for Design Communications (bronze)

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