We think in brands. At the start of any collaboration, new project or process, we conduct in-depth research and analysis, paving the way for an underlying concept idea and overarching strategy. Our professional services encompass brand development, CI/CD, end-to-end brand showcases and storytelling for digital and analog assets on all channels throughout the customer journey.


All rooted in a network of strategists, creatives and service partners cultivated over the space of many years. And backed by WPP’s international network. We live, love and breathe brands. As strategists, consultants, designers and editors, we put our hearts and smarts into conveying visual and content messages.

Corporate identity

A strong identity is one of the most important factors in making a brand successful. We develop or distill these identities.
Our concept-based approach here is geared to the specific needs of each of our clients and results in a clear-cut, long-lasting market positioning.

Corporate design

We translate brand identity into a 360-degree brand experience. Taking their cue from a clear strategic fundament, our concepts meet high creative and innovative benchmarks that ensure a coherent look and feel. Even for the most complex challenges we develop solutions that are simple to use. This way, our designs generate a very strong sense of identification among employees and clients alike and showcase the brand in the competitive arena by setting it apart and making it instantly recognizable.


There is a story behind every brand, every business and every employee. We home in on the ones that deserve to be told—that touch the heart, inspire or inform. Whether as a one-off book project, long-running print or digital magazine, either combining words and images or just one of the two, we help our clients tell their stories so that they leap off the page or screen.


Products and their inherent lifestyles arouse passions that are part of what makes people want to buy them. We highlight the added value that products offer customers. By focusing on solutions, we help showcase products so that the price is little more than an afterthought.

Content production

Bringing stories to life is not just about identifying them. It’s also about photographing, describing, filming and packaging them ready for the selected channels. Our extensive German and international network of researchers, journalists, writers, photographers and videographers is agile and excellently positioned in all content areas.

Brand communication

How are 360-degree brand communications created? What key content, values and emotions drive the brand’s communications? A holistic brand identity hinges on a concept that makes sense to everyone involved in the process. And is based on a strategy derived from the brand itself.


Besides billings, awards are another important barometer of an agency’s performance. We have never shied away from letting creative juries evaluate our actual projects for clients. This is how we remain instrumental to ensuring the thjnk Group keeps securing a place among Germany’s top ten most creative agencies. And when it comes to our areas of specialization – branding and storytelling – we have ranked among the top five agencies in Germany for many years.

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