Deutscher Galopp - Corporate Design

Developing a new corporate design for the German horse racing association, including a name and slogan.
In recent years, horse racing’s popularity has declined in Germany. To grow interest in this tradition-steeped sport among new target groups and present it as a contemporary, attractive social event everyone can enjoy, we updated its look and feel. The new design does this with a color palette as bright and cheerful as the jockeys’ livery, coupled with a simple, graphic formal idiom that, for instance, uses abstract hoof prints as design elements. In just a few words, the new slogan captures the passion that unites everyone involved in the sport—jockeys, breeders, spectators and those who hear the thundering of hooves and hope they bet on the right horse: “Mit Herzblut für Vollblut” (roughly: Thoroughly exciting thoroughbreds).

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